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The Bookworms: Best Summer Read

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So for those of you who noticed, The Bookworms didn’t happen for a while.  Somehow, the idea of having to post every Friday seemed like too much for a while.  A lot was going on in the life of this Bookworm and now I am back to being a normal person again!  Or, at least as one friend put it, not a normal person but a normaler one :)

Anyway, the category of this round of bookworms is Best Summer Read.  Considering it is summer, now is a good time to pick up those books that are enjoyable and fun like this one that I reviewed this past week.

Instead of going to all of those top ten lists out on the interwebs, I would LOVE it if you sent me in your personal favorites.  Comment.  Write me an email (  Smoke signals.  Whatever works.  Next week, I will put of your nominations into a poll so that we can vote.

Let the nominating begin!!


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