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The One Where Mama Weasley Swears

Well, it’s done.  Over. Ancient History. Ended. Carried off.  At an end. Past.  Bygone.  Settled.  Closed. Up. Completed. Accomplished. Finished.  Achieved.  Concluded.  Finalized.  Put to bed.  Realized.  Settled.  Wrapped up.   Concluded.

The last Harry Potter movie is out and with that, my childhood is closed.  Yes, I realize that I am 24.  A bit late, but heck, I do things at my own speed.

I don’t much to say about the movie aside from that I loved every minute of it, I started crying at several points during it, and finally lost it when the credits started rolling.  I thought I had myself pulled enough together to leave the theater, but then, standing in the middle of a mall food court, I started bawling again.  Good job Lauren.

Instead of focusing only on the last installment, I thought I would share my top ten favorite moments in the series.  They are in chronological order.  Be careful, moments 6-10 do come from the last book, so don’t read them if you are worried about spoilers.  Please, share your favorites in the comments.

1.  The first time that Harry sees Hogwarts.  It is this giant, wonderful castle with moving staircases, all the food he could dream of, and ghosts.  It is a place that he can finally claim as his home.

2.  Harry and Ron flying Mr. Weasley’s car to Hogwarts.  They have absolutely no idea what they are doing and they are breaking every rule in the book, but they are trying to be resourceful and solve a problem.  Sure, it caused more problems than it solved, but they sure know how to make an entrance.

3. Hagrid’s release from Azkaban.  Hagrid did not deserve to be there in the first place and his release not only gives him his freedom back, but also clears him of past accusations.  He can practice magic now and even becomes a Hogwarts professor.  I love Hagrid…and his rock cakes.  I might make some soon :)

4.  Sirius’s first smile.  Sirius gets a chance to see Harry and finally convinces Harry that he was not the reason that Harry’s parents were murdered.  He asks Harry if he would consider living with him and Harry is overjoyed.  Sirius did not expect this reaction and he smiles for the first time in years, a smile that lights up his entire face.  I was disappointed because the movie doesn’t include this small moment, but I absolutely love it.

5.  Harry and Hermione’s conversation at the Yule Ball.  Both Harry and Hermione are having trouble being with the people who they want to be with, and Ron is off with Lavender Brown making a fool of himself.  It is in that conversation that we finally see that while Harry and Hermione love each other, they will never love each other that way.  I think their friendship is so sweet and it is my favorite relationship in the series.

6. Professor McGonagall’s duel with Snape.  It was amazing and did complete justice to the most stable character in the series.  Professor McGonagall is unfailingly good and always acts in the way that she thinks is best, regardless of social pressure.  Her duel with him and subsequent protection of the castle was awesome and reminded me of why I should never mess with a strong lady like her.

7.  Snape backstory.  Severus Snape may be the most interesting character of the series because you are not sure until the end whose side he is on.  Even though we get snippets of backstory in the later books, the best sequence is in the last book and movie where we see why he hates Harry and why he chose the side that he chose.

8.  Dumbledore’s concept of reality.  “Of course, it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it’s not real?”  You know Dumbledore, even if some of your acts over the years are questionable, thanks for your wonderful mixture of wisdom and silliness.

9.  When Harry surprises everyone and is alive.  The look on Voldemort’s face is priceless with “dead” Harry Potter is alive.  I almost stood up and raised a triumphant fist in the theater. I’m really glad I didn’t.

10.  Mrs. Weasley’s cursing.  “Not my daughter you B*#&$!”  Thank you Molly for being a fierce mother with a big heart.  You show Bellatrix who’s boss!

Please share your favorites down below!


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