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Where Did I Go?

You know how people say that you are actually more productive when you are already busy?  I think at points that may be true for me when it comes to writing.  When my life is so jam-packed that I can’t even think straight, writing relieves me worries.  When glorious summer hits and I am free as a bird, the idea of spending one more minute than necessary inside is downright disturbing.

Instead of writing, reading other posts, or commenting, I spent this past week with the intention of having as much fun as possible.  This included…

playing golf*bring food to a family potluck*swimming*adventuring to one of my favorite restaurants*packing a picnic in my recently acquired picnic basket*eating said picnic with one of my best friends out on the lawn in a state park*watching a funny movie*wandering through a rose garden and trying out my photography skills*getting my nails done by someone other than myself*watching reruns of Clarissa Explains it All and Doug*taking advantage of the Borders going-out-of-business-sales (sob)*watching a movie that was so bad it was funny*running as the sun came up*jumping in puddles*driving several hours hours to go to a zoo to meet a friend who I see so rarely, I tend to think she’s imaginary*reading a book in less than 24 hours*getting lost looking for a cupcake store*watching horsies run really fast*spontaneous night picnics involving ice cream* and more!

In case you’re worried that I haven’t been reading, don’t be!  Here are some posts you can expect from me in the very near future:

  • What is the best summer read?  Take the poll if you haven’t already!  It closes on Wednesday.
  • Picnics, The Very Hungry Bookworm style
  • Room by Emma Donoghue- WOW
  • The beauty of Paperback Swap
  • 10-word reviews of some books that have slipped through the cracks

While you wait, enjoy the sun!  Go outside and run around or jump in puddles or build a sand castle or yeah, you get my point :)


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